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Cherokee Holiday Art

Last day before the folks at Tiger Gallery go to Tahlequah for a weekend of showing and selling their latest artistic creations.  Dana, Christie and Lisan entered pieces in the Cherokee Holiday Homecoming Art Show at the Tahlequah Armory.  The awards ceremony for the arts competition will be 6:30 pm at the Armory.  Also at… read more

Complete Attention

Nothing is easy that is worth much.  I was told that growing up.  I’ll agree.  My walk this morning was extremely hard.  I could not get my legs to go.  Christie and Lisan BOTH went today.  I had a lot of stress in my system from the night before.  Stress messes you up.  Damn, a… read more

My Boy and Me

My son went with me on my morning walk today. It’s a rare thing to spend time with him due to business time, painting time, his time on the video games. There is so much I want to share with him but did not want to over do on his first day.  I want him… read more


Today was harder than usual walking my 3 miles due to eating chips and cookies the night before.  Yes I know they make me act and feel like an ogre as well as stifle my creativity but progress not perfection is all I can hope for.   Tomorrow I fly to Sacramento to the Indian… read more

Down to Business

Time to work.  (When is it not?)  Did my walk at 6 ish.  The WEWIN Women Empowering Women for Indian Nations conference this past week where I set up my art booth, allowed me to connect with other hardworking women. I was asked to design a painting to honor the Native women leaders of our time.… read more

Every Day is an Art Day

It is the first day of my blog.  I’m trying to get my super awesome “Warrior Women” t-shirt design up on this artist site. Over the past weekend I was at the Tulsa Powwow in its 53 year.  Had a good time seeing all the people who love to watch Indians dance and who love… read more