Complete Attention

by Dana Tiger in Life and Art
Nothing is easy that is worth much.  I was told that growing up.  I’ll agree.  My walk this morning was extremely hard.  I could not get my legs to go.  Christie and Lisan BOTH went today.  I had a lot of stress in my system from the night before.  Stress messes you up.  Damn, a disease that keeps on coming for reasons unknown is my constant companion.  I know I’ve got to keep moving to keep moving.  I count it as a blessing that I have done it for a solid month and a day without missing. 
Tonight Tiger Art Gallery goes to Bell Powwow in Bell Oklahoma.  It’s beautiful out there, so far from everything except trees, hills and good Cherokee people.
Nothing  is easy but everything is relevant.  I put my mind on the things I can work my way with and do the best I can.  Hope to share what is new and what is continuing with all those attending.  

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Dana you are amazing!

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