My Boy and Me

by Dana Tiger in Life and Art
My son went with me on my morning walk today. It’s a rare thing to spend time with him due to business time, painting time, his time on the video games. There is so much I want to share with him but did not want to over do on his first day.  I want him to keep coming back.  Saw a huge hawk cry out and fly from the brush with a mouse in its grips.  Lisan use to have sharp eyes for all things in nature.  When he was little he would freak out with excitement at an unusual bug.  His sister and he fight over snakes and who gets to hold them.  
At fifteen he is an award winning sculptor many times over. 
On our walk I told him his gift of making motion with clay would take care of him from now on if he took care of his gift. Since he was a baby he had a natural ability that first showed itself in sculptures made from Play Doe. Sculpting for Lisan is like breathing or walking.  I’ve seen him use his hand to mold the air into some creation only visible to him.
I enjoyed our time together. l’ll continue to make sure Lisan enters the art competitions. He likes to win.  But I’m thinking without the prize moneys, ribbons, and praise for his work he would sculpt anyway. That does a mothers heart good.


I love you so. I think of you and our time together. A treasure in my life
what surrounds you, will always be a part of your soul. you all will be a gift to the world for ages to come, because you mold your souls into the gifts you create for us. gifts that evolve to become part of us. we will always be grateful. love is all i have to return to you and i do it with all that surrounds me. be at peace.

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