Down to Business

by Dana Tiger in Life and Art
Time to work.  (When is it not?)  Did my walk at 6 ish.  The WEWIN Women Empowering Women for Indian Nations conference this past week where I set up my art booth, allowed me to connect with other hardworking women. I was asked to design a painting to honor the Native women leaders of our time.  I look forward to this.   My list of “to do’s” for the day is made.  Now I proceed to take care of it.
 In the hours of the morning when I walk is “miracle” time, as I have Parkinson’s Disease and wonder how it is I’m able to put one foot in front of the other and GO, almost like a normal person.  Dopamine is what is lacking in my brain to the point of causing my legs to freeze in place.  It’s a monumental effort to get from the bed to the bath.  I get on all fours and crawl to move.  So when I face the Hvse (sun) in the east, and then to the south, the west and lastly the north, I am thankful for the blessing of movement. This beginning of each of my days since July 5 of this year of walking the 2 or 3 miles is working wonders on my ability to face my obligations and keep feelings of depression at bay.  
Now to transfer from the blog seat to the art seat where I hope to make meaningful motion on canvas. 


I love all you do and have done to beautify this world Sharon
Hey Dana, you are an inspiration to me... Sharon You want to call me so I can give you credit card number for the painting?

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