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New Website

Check out our new website where we will post all new/old art at https://www.tiger-art-gallery.square.site

Stecate Woman Magazine

Hvthyvtke means morning in Muscogee.  The first day of the new month brings rain and the launch of Stecate Woman, an online publication of the voice of the Red Person Woman. In March of 2019 I was asked by Ange Bunner to paint a Native version of Rosie The Riveter with arm flexed and butterfly… read more

Oklahoma State Capitol exhibit


Stecate Woman of Courage

“My IPF Story” By Ange Bunner Last year, I began to notice with little exertion of energy, my breathing became labored. Initially, I attributed it to being out of shape, I had begun to participate less and less in physical activities such as playing basketball, softball, and running 5Ks. I began to notice walking slight… read more

Coming Weather

Something within Jerome Tiger always responded to the beauty and mystery of nature.   He had no fear of summer storms, but watched and exulted in their noise and flashing light, the force of winds and driving rain.  Then he painted.   Two days and nights of intense concentration  produced a series of paintings in… read more

Scholastic Art & Writing Wins

     Sequoyah High School senior, Lisan Tiger Blair, captured two Gold Key Individual Awards for his clay pieces, “Reaching Out” and “Little Jack,” in the 2014 Oklahoma Regional Scholastic Art Awards Ceremony on February 8, at Tulsa Community College Metro Campus Center for Creativity. He also won a Silver Key Individual Award and an… read more

The Canebrake in Oklahoma

My latest paintings will be on exhibit at the lovely Canebrake on Ft. Gibson lake near Wagoner. My painting, “Medicine Man,” is of Sam Proctor, Mvskoke elder, teacher and friend is included in the exhibit.  Sam said, “If you paint me you will win.”  He was right. The other day my friend, Kimberly Guerrero came… read more

Things picking up

A lovely time at the Cherokee Art Market this past October weekend.  My daughter won 1st place with her piece, “The Audition,”  My boy won 3rd with his sculpture, “The Battle.”   I had a good time being a part of the newly joined Southeastern Indian Artists Association.  Some fine fellow artists are members.  Sharing… read more