This Business of Hope

by Dana Tiger in Life and Art
A few weeks ago I was going through a rough time.  We all have them but this one crept in and overpowered me.  I’ve been diagnosed with Parkinson’s for 11 years.  Dopamine, the “feel good” chemical is what I have very little of.  I was reading that symptoms included the inability to feel love, hope or worth.  It scared me. It came to me that I’ve been dealing with low dopamine levels for years before I was diagnosed with this disease.  That’s why when I look back at all the paintings that I painted, hundreds of them, I am amazed.  A beautiful thing happened through a time of pain.  The inner spirit took over and led me through.
At the scariest, most painful moments, we pray for that spirit, that Guiding Spirit, to be with us.  It always is.  

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