This Business of Hope

by Dana Tiger in Life and Art
A few weeks ago I was going through a rough time.  We all have them but this one crept in and overpowered me.  I’ve been diagnosed with Parkinson’s for 11 years.  Dopamine, the “feel good” chemical is what I have very little of.  I was reading that symptoms included the inability to feel love, hope or worth.  It scared me. It came to me that I’ve been dealing with low dopamine levels for years before I was diagnosed with this disease.  That’s why when I look back at all the paintings that I painted, hundreds of them, I am amazed.  A beautiful thing happened through a time of pain.  The inner spirit took over and led me through.
At the scariest, most painful moments, we pray for that spirit, that Guiding Spirit, to be with us.  It always is.  


I’ll share strength any time or way I can. I am certainly blessed to be able to paint our combined strong energy. Parkinson’s sucks but I’m thankful to still be cooking along.
Many blessings to you Trude.
I do! I will see about adding it to my site.
Patty Jones
Is there not a natural something that give you the dopamine? I believe it is some antidepresent. Just wondering...
Hi Dana, Laura X is introducing you to many feminists. I'm sending info about you to a dear friend who is suffering from Parkinson's . She is a writer.. I think she'll be inspired by you. Perhaps you can send her a message about your experience with Parkinson's and help her . Please send me an email, so I can send you her name and email address. I'm sure that, reading about you and seeing your art will give her a new reason to live. Blessings! Jacqui Ceballos
Sharon Harris
Dana, I saw the painting Celebration of Determination in the Presbyterian Magazine HORIZON. Do you have prints of this painting for sale? It is truly amazing.
Trude Scharff
Your words of strength and inspiration leave deep tracks in my heart Dana. They are a prayer of Hope and Beauty as you are!! Many blessings and love to you.

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