The Canebrake in Oklahoma

by Dana Tiger in Life and Art
My latest paintings will be on exhibit at the lovely Canebrake on Ft. Gibson lake near Wagoner. My painting, “Medicine Man,” is of Sam Proctor, Mvskoke elder, teacher and friend is included in the exhibit.  Sam said, “If you paint me you will win.”  He was right.
The other day my friend, Kimberly Guerrero came back to Tahlequah to do finish work on the film, “Cherokee Work For Water.”  She plays Wilma Mankiller.  My kids and I went to her birthday celebration where many loved ones and people involved with the movie production gathered.  She came up to me and handed me a ring, very large green turquoise stone with silver.  The ring was Wilma’s.  Kimberly had worn it during the entire filming of the movie.  She said it gave her strength.  I put it on my little finger as my other fingers were too big.  I felt so blessed.  The next day as I was painting that big stone on my little finger made itself known by leaving light gray marks on the canvas.  I had decided the day before to do a painting using the pinkest pink so I could utilized these pink mat boards I had bought months before and had wondered what the heck did I buy them for?!  Wilma loved pink.  I love pink.  The painting is called, “This is how we Ride,” and it is.

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