19.00"x13.00" Watercolor, unframed


Description of Beyond Words

BEYOND WORDS by Liz Yahola
I have not experienced the childhood trauma of our past generations. Hardly any words to even try to explain the past. This is really and truly beyond any words. I have seen the trauma still embedded within a truly broken spirit. It all is still deep within and beyond any understanding, the inflictions to one’s spirit. After effect still lingering in mind in today’s world to all indigenous peoples to kill future seeds. This was and is the result of the spirit of power and greed from the so-called governments of the people. The removal and destroying of our cultural, and still no words to heal broken spirits, just the trauma within that can never be erased. No use to try to run away from this, only to be caught and taken back to the boarding schools. There are numerous little unmarked graves at boarding schools with no regard of those little lost lives. No shame. This is beyond words, only lasting results shown thru their eyes, faces, and broken spirits today. Past experiences sometimes partially told. Still heartbreaking to hear and visualize from our loved ones. We can only share in their trauma in our own hearts the mindful and soulful hurt of suffering and pain. All this is still BEYOND WORDS

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